Our monthly Shoulder to Shoulder Community & Congregational Network Call is an opportunity to convene and connect with interfaith and community organizations and leaders throughout the country who are, in some capacity, addressing anti-Muslim discrimination in the U.S. In our meetings, members share resources, problem solve, and reflect on this important work. The notes below are a selection of public resources and events shared by network members and our various partners and friends. If you’re interested in learning more about our S2S Community Network, contact us and/or check out our website.

S2S Programmatic Updates:

  • Special Edition Educators Training, “Overcoming Fear: Addressing Anti-Muslim bias…

Shoulder to Shoulder is encouraging our network partners and friends to write or speak publicly in the lead-up to the 20th commemoration of 9/11 and in the months following through opinion editorials, newsletters, blog posts, sermons, podcasts, FB lives, TikToks, speeches, or otherwise. Why do we think it’s important to write and speak publicly in advance of 9/11 this year?

  • The 20th commemoration is a landmark year, and we have already seen increasing news stories on the topic. …

“This week while walking in their neighborhood, 4 members, three generations, of a Muslim family was killed by a man in a brutal and blatant act of hate. Just the 9-year-old boy survived. As a Canadian-American and as a rabbi new to serving as Shoulder to Shoulder’s Co-Chair, I am committed to stepping up and addressing this issue of anti-Muslim discrimination and violence head-on in solidarity with my Muslim neighbors and friends. I do this work for our children and the generations to come. My Jewish tradition teaches us not to stand idly by while my neighbor’s blood is shed…

Too often, we find that interfaith gatherings across the country are primarily led and facilitated by Christians. Ramadan, however, is a great way to connect with our Muslim neighbors where they set the table and lead the conversation. And who doesn’t love connecting over food?!

Through Welcome to My Table, we paired households with one another to virtually connect and share an Iftar meal (What’s an iftar?). These last two years we have loved hearing about the simple and profound stories of connection over Zoom — like how two pre-teens in different households discussed video game favorites or how two…

We are devastated by yet another violent attack on Asian American Pacific Islander communities, this time in Georgia, in the midst of a spike in anti-Asian violence and bigotry since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Shoulder to Shoulder, we know all too well that the same hate that fuels anti-Muslim bigotry and violence fuels the bigotry and violence against our fellow Asian, Black, Jewish, immigrant, and other marginalized communities.

Let us be clear: fearmongering, placing false collective blame on targeted populations, and racism in all forms must be condemned and eradicated. …

January 7, 2021

For Immediate Release

Contact: Catherine.Orsborn@s2scampaign.org


We are Shoulder to Shoulder: Standing with American Muslims, Advancing American Ideals. What does this mean after the events of January 6, 2021, when a crowd of rioters brazenly and violently took over the U.S. Capitol? Dignity, respect, and fairness for all people, regardless of their skin color, faith, identity or background are American ideals that have never been fully realized. We recognize the bigotry and racism our neighbors who are Muslim, black, and people of color endure every day. We see these problems continually perpetuated in our own circles and…

December 3, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact: Catherine Orsborn, Catherine.Orsborn@s2scampaign.org

Over the past decade of its existence, Shoulder to Shoulder has developed and maintained close relationships with Muslim, Arab, Sikh, and South Asian (MASA) organizations and individuals, many of whom we have consulted regularly when making programmatic and policy decisions. We are now proud to announce the formation of a new Consultative Circle to formally reflect the importance of input from those most directly impacted by anti-Muslim bias.

Reflecting on the importance of this launch, Executive Director Catherine Orsborn stated,

“We believe that to be a strong ally, we must…

As you’re getting ready for the holidays this year (starting with #Zoomsgiving), here is a growing list of some resources we’ve found helpful in navigating challenging conversations:

National Day of Mourning: United American Indians of New England — UAINE

The New York Times’ “Uncle Bot” from 2018: Opinion | How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle Over the Holidays

Sojourners: Yelling at your family won’t change their beliefs. Trying doing this instead.

American Friends Service Committee: Your dinner guest makes an Islamophobic comment. How do you respond?

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, we all felt a great sense of uncertainty and anxiety in the leadup to the US Presidential elections. This week, many are breathing a sigh of relief as they come to a close, and we now have a better sense of our work ahead.

This year alone has been incredibly taxing on many communities, individuals, and organizations seeking to advance inclusion and human dignity. The rise of hate and division in this era, including and beyond these last four years, revealed so much lurking just beneath the surface in American society…

July 22, 2020

For Immediate Release

Contact: Dr. Catherine Orsborn — catherine.orsborn@s2scampaign.org

The Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign applauds today’s House vote on the passage of The NO BAN Act, which would repeal the harmful Muslim, African, refugee, and asylum bans put in place by this administration and establish vital protections against future discriminatory bans.

We cannot forget that one of the first acts of the current administration was to implement a racist travel ban policy, with the clear intention (based on numerous campaign promises) of banning Muslims.

We also recall the beautiful and emotional display of national solidarity as people from different walks…

Shoulder to Shoulder Camp

Shoulder to Shoulder is a coalition of 34 religious denominations and organizations committed to standing with American Muslims to advance American ideals

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