November Resource Roundup

S2S Programmatic Updates:

  • Youth Convening to connect on how to address religious & racial discrimination
  • 2 in-person Faith Over Fear trainings (Grand Rapids, MI & Orange City, IA, dates pending)
  • April 2022 Messaging campaign (Ramadan, Passover, Easter and Vaisakhi will share the same week/day. This hasn’t happened since 1991)

Resources & Upcoming Opportunities shared from various partners, friends, and leaders in the field:

  • The Manekin-Clark Lecture: Recapturing the Prophetic Tradition: A Challenge for Interreligious Dialogue Dr. Susanah Heschel. Monday, December 6. 7:00–8:30 PM ET. Over the last half-century, interreligious dialogue has made tremendous strides and compiled a laudable record of achievements. What was once considered extraordinary is now in many circles commonplace: we read and study one another’s scriptures, learn our respective histories, and engage one another on a deep, personal level. But has our dialogue grown stale and repetitive? Dr. Susannah Heschel offers a friendly critique and challenge, drawing on the legacy of her father, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, whose work and writings on the prophetic tradition offer a model to sharpen future dialogue and inspire us to move beyond the comfort of our own traditions, viewpoints, and assumptions.
  • Rick Love Peace Awards: ($2,000 awarded to 1 recipient) Rick Love was deeply concerned about the deteriorating narratives surrounding Muslims in the United States and globally, and to honor his work and passion, as well as the roots of Peace Catalyst International, one award will be presented to an individual or group working specifically among Christians and Muslims. Application Due November 26
  • 2022 Solidarity Arts Fellowship program This SoCal-based, 6-month fellowship is for Muslim & Japanese American young adults between 18 and 25 with a desire to build transformative relationships, experience multi-disciplinary arts & healing justice practices, and organize to resist Islamophobia and white supremacy. Accepted fellows gain life-changing relationships that strengthen one’s path and trajectory in challenging cyclical oppression, and nourish one’s commitment to developing possibilities for healing and liberation. All interested applicants must submit their responses by Monday, Nov. 29th, 2021.
  • Crossing Divides is a pilot program giving grants to grassroots groups in Arizona, Mississippi, and Nebraska who are working to resolve conflicts in their communities. The call for proposals is open until December 1st, 2021. Crossing Divides • Kindle Project



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Shoulder to Shoulder Camp

Shoulder to Shoulder Camp

Shoulder to Shoulder is a coalition of 36 religious denominations and organizations committed to standing with American Muslims to advance American ideals