October 2023 Resource Roundup

Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign
11 min readOct 25, 2023

Our Shoulder to Shoulder Community & Congregational Network is an opportunity to connect with interfaith and community organizations and leaders throughout the country who are, in some capacity, addressing anti-Muslim discrimination in the U.S. In our meetings, members share resources, problem-solve, and reflect on this important work. Our network includes volunteer-run organizations and organizations with 10+ staff members. There are organizations in rural, urban, and suburban communities in red, blue, and purple states. Each of them recognizes anti-Muslim discrimination as a threat to our communities and country. Each of them is committed to addressing this issue in their community alongside their Muslim neighbors, friends, and siblings.

The notes below are a selection of public resources and events shared by network members and our various partners and friends. If you’re interested in learning more about our Shoulder to Shoulder Community Network, contact us and/or check out our website.

A Special Note

You’ll notice that the October Resource Roundup is a little more robust than usual, with some specific resources for responding to trauma and managing a crisis. These last weeks have been particularly intense, to say the least. In our work to stay aligned in our mission to counter anti-Muslim discrimination and violence in the U.S., we have been actively meeting with partners within and beyond our coalitions, listening to how communities like yours are experiencing the alarming rise in hate crimes and hate incidents, as well as the government responses. We have been internally collecting, sharing, and creating resources to meet this particular moment. If you don’t see something you’re looking for on our list, please reach out to anyone on our team.

We’re here to support you.

S2S Programmatic Updates

Upcoming Important Dates

  • October 27, 2018: Tree of Life Shooting
  • November National Native American Heritage Month — ISPU research on Muslim Native Americans
  • November 4: National Day of Community Service
  • November 8: Birth of Guru Nanak
  • November 11: Veteran’s Day
  • November 12: Diwali
  • November 14 to 18: Anti-Bullying Week
  • November 12–18, 2023 | United Against Hate Week | Toolkits, Resources, etc.
  • November 23: Thanksgiving Day
  • November 20 to 26: Better Conversations Week


  • Othering & Belonging Conference, this Thursday and Friday (Oct. 26–27) in Berlin and available virtually | The two-day agenda will be a deep-dive into how we can co-create more resilient, inclusive, and sustainable democratic societies rooted in belonging, amidst the reality of rising authoritarian-populism and intersecting global crises, clearly demonstrated by the catastrophes currently unfolding before our eyes.
  • Religicide: Confronting The Roots Of Anti-Religious Violence | Online | Monday, October 30, 2023 7:30–8:30 p.m. ET | Georgette Bennett will speak about her book, Religicide, coauthored with Jerry White, a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, which documents the global persecutions of people for their faiths, including the Armenian Genocide, the Holocaust, the Bosnian war, and other human rights catastrophes. It amplifies the voices of survivors and offers a blueprint for action, calling on government, business, civil society, and religious leaders to join in a global campaign to protect religious minorities. Register Here
  • Bystander Intervention new Individual Training Pathway | Right to Be | October 24, November 7, & 16th
  • With The Best Of Intentions: Interreligious Missteps And Mistakes | Wednesday, Nov. 1 | 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. ET | This event (In-Person and Virtual) introduces With the Best of Intentions: Interreligious Missteps and Mistakes. This new book is a collection of stories by thirty-four scholars and activists of slip-ups and outright failures of interfaith encounters — situations in which practice did not quite match theory! Learn More
  • Little Amal is the 12 foot puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee child at the heart of The Walk. She has become a global symbol of human rights, especially those of refugees. Between 7 September and 5 November 2023, Amal is journeying 6,000 miles across the United States in one of the largest free public festivals ever created. 100+ free public events.
  • Kristallnacht Remembrance | Luther School of Theology Chicago’s Annual Service of Commitment | Monday, Nov 6, 2023 Chapel Service at 11:30 am (hybrid) | LSTC commits to the denunciation of anti-Semitism now and in the history of our tradition as we join with Jewish partners in remembering the massive, coordinated attack on Jews throughout the German Reich on Nov, 9–10, 1938. Registration
  • Engaging Nonviolence: An Online Community Course Starts November 6
  • A Place of Welcome? A Multifaith Gathering on Practicing Hospitality in Minnesota | Thursday, November 9, 2:00–8:00 pm, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 Snelling Avenue S, Saint Paul, MN 55116 Information Here
  • December 5, 2023 | Join an online discussion of “Slavery and Islam,” by Jonathan A.C. Brown. Brown, a professor and the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Chair of Islamic Civilization at Georgetown University, explores the moral and ultimately theological problem of slavery across the Jewish, Christian and primarily Islamic traditions. 25 free books will be available to those who sign up. Register Here



  • Social Movement Technologie’s new BIPOC Campaign Leadership Fellowship
  • Robert Sterling Clark Foundation and Trinity Church Wall Street, Interfaith Center of New York’s Interfaith Civic Leadership Academy, gives diverse religious leaders the tools they need to make a difference. ​​Working with expert trainers from leading nonprofits, we have created an intensive leadership development program for a select group of fifteen clergy members, lay leaders, and faith-based activists. Applications are open. Deadline is October 22. To apply, click here. You can see the schedule and workshop topics here.
  • A new class of Emerging Leaders for Liberation (ELL) | American Friends Service Committee’s ELL program helps young people across the U.S. strengthen their social justice and leadership skills.


  • Emergent Fund: https://www.emergentfund.net/apply. Emergent Fund is a rolling, monthly rapid response and emergent organizing grant for movement and frontline communities responding to urgent and specific unanticipated crises or opportunities to build power.
  • Urgent Action Fund: https://urgentactionfund.org/our-grants/security-grant/. We provide fast, flexible support to women, trans and non-binary activists so they can respond to unexpected risks and opportunities. We offer security grants, which are intended to support the safety and security of activists at risk. We also offer opportunity grants, which fund efforts to influence policy, raise awareness on important issues, and advocate for change.



U.S Department of Homeland Security

Trauma and Behavioral Health

Eastern Mennonite University — STAR: Strategies for Trauma Awareness & Resilience


Department of Education



Event Recordings



  • Misinformation & uninformed comments are clogging war coverage; plus, Tupac’s legacy | It’s Been a Minute
  • The podcast — Learning How to See | Brian McLaren dives into a conversation with the co-host for this season, Gareth Higgins. Together, Brian and Gareth invite you to explore the story patterns that can lead us towards — and away from — a more equitable and loving future.



Tea Invitation by Ibtisam Barakat

I write
for my heart
has become
a country
and I want
all people
to live in it.

I make space
by emptying
all corners
of fear.

I make peace
by making
a cup of tea
for my story
and yours.

A cup of tea
for our estranged
that come from
one family
but to one another
do not speak.

Hot tea and mint.
I have meant
to invite you over
to my heart.

Do you like your tea
with sugar?



Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign

Shoulder to Shoulder is a coalition of 36 religious denominations and organizations committed to standing with American Muslims to advance American ideals