’tis the season for those uncomfortable conversations: Here are a few of our favorite resources

As you’re getting ready for the holidays this year (starting with #Zoomsgiving), here is a growing list of some resources we’ve found helpful in navigating challenging conversations:

National Day of Mourning: United American Indians of New England — UAINE

The New York Times’ “Uncle Bot” from 2018: Opinion | How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle Over the Holidays

Sojourners: Yelling at your family won’t change their beliefs. Trying doing this instead.

American Friends Service Committee: Your dinner guest makes an Islamophobic comment. How do you respond?


The Startup: This is how to have hard conversations | by EB Johnson, NLP-MP

LivingRoom Conversations Guide: Race and Ethnicity

Church World Service: Holiday Guide: Sharing Why You Care
About Refugees and Immigrants